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MTR GENIUS© Ranked #1 Mill Test Report Tracking Software    


Data Functions released the very first version of MTR tracking software to the metals-piping industry in 1984, effectively becoming the pioneers of mill test report software and permanently solving an ongoing problem...

MANUALLY tracking, managing & keeping up with endless numbers of mill test reports (MTRs), mill certificates, and material test reports. Continuing to do this without our MTR software is costly and inefficient. 


If your company handles MTRs on a regular basis, say goodbye to the headaches & permanently eliminate the time-consuming frustration of searching through files and digging through countless folders for copies of mill test reports that end up missing, damaged or lost. 

THE ANSWER:  MTR GENIUS© is the only user-friendly mill test report tracking software and MTR imaging system that allows users to scan, index, store, view, retrieve, fax/email test reports or a wide array of industry-related documents... effortlessly & electronically.   

MTR GENIUS© can be used as a separate, stand-alone solution or you can opt to have us integrate it with your existing ERP software system... your choice. We do it every single day.

Mill Test Report Software is one of the staples of our business, and we stand behind it with great pride.  All our software is stable. It's reliable. It's affordable.

MTR GENIUS© remains the most widely used MTR tracking software available today, now being utilized by:

  • Pipe Distributors
  • Steel Service Centers
  • Metal Distributors
  • PVF Suppliers
  • Structural Steel Fabricators
  • OCTG / Tubular Suppliers
  • Metal Service Centers
  • Valve Manufacturers
  • Steel Fabricators  
  • Pipe Suppliers / Piping Yards 
  • Fastener Manufacturers/Distributors
  • Machine Shops
  • ASME Vessel Fabricators/Manufacturers 
  • Pipeline Contractors
  • Stainless Steel Distributors
  • Specialty Manufacturers
  • other Companies handling mill test reports 


Yes, we are aware of a few companies trying to imitate our mill test report software, and falling short, with inferior products that are not user-friendly. Frankly, our newest clients are their former customers. We have built & perfected MTR software for the numerous industries we serve for now over 25 years.

Request a free, private online demo & see why MTR GENIUS© continues to rank as the #1 MTR tracking system on the market. Look forward to hearing from you today!   

"Exactly what we wanted... an affordable MTR tracking system
that's proven & easy to use"

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