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What are Mill Test Reports

Mill test reports, frequently referred to as MTRs, are quality assurance documents commonly used throughout the metals industry.

A certified mill test report, produced at the originating mill or by a testing facility, will certify a raw material's physical and chemical properties and validate whether it meets the customer's purchase order along with the appropriate ASTM/API requirements.

Example: XYZ Fab Company manufacturers and fabricates steel pressure vessels. They primarily work with carbon steel and, on occasion, stainless steel.  Every order of carbon steel or stainless steel received by XYZ Fab Company will include mill test reports, MTR, on each piece of material to prove the material meets the grade that XYZ Fab Company requires.  The MTR will typically provide information such as heat or lot number, tensile strength, elongation, reduction of area percentage, yield, and hardness characteristics of the sample tested.   

You may hear someone refer to Mill test reports using similar names such as material test reports, mill test certificates, mill certs, Test Reports, or mill certificates. 

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